Clinical Trials of Classical Homeopathy


Clinical Trials of Classical Homeopathy: Reflections on Appropriate Research Designs MENACHEM OBERBAUM, M.D., M.F.Hom., GEORGE VITHOULKAS, ROBBERT VAN HASELEN, M.Sc ABSTRACT The growing popularity of complementary medicine has been accompanied by a call for controlled clinical studies to examine the efficacy and validity of its various methods. The difficulties encountered in applying the evaluation [...]

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Pharmacies avoid homeopathy ban as government parks recommendations


Homeopathic products will continue to be sold in Australian pharmacies, despite a long-awaited review warning the government the practice could compromise the health of consumers. https://www.smh.com.au/national/pharmacies-avoid-homeopathy-ban-as-government-parks-recommendations-20180503-p4zd94.html

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