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Homeopathy works : Arnica Case Study

Homeopathic Case Studies

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Homeopathy works : Arnica Case Study

Post by admin » Mon May 07, 2018 11:48 pm

https://thereader.com/heartland-healing ... E2%80%99t/
The rip was in the crease of the second knuckle and after four weeks of protecting it, the wound still wasn’t healing. My massage therapist reminded me of the well-known homeopathic medicine, Arnica montana. Arnica is used for wounds and bruises. I had used it before with remarkable results. I picked some up at Whole Foods and within 24 hours, the result was obvious. Healthy tissue was advancing, debridement was occurring. It’s not all the way healed yet but the change is obvious. So you might say we’re revisiting a topic as a testimonial.
One extensive Swiss study found proof that homeopathic remedies are effective. An English study found otherwise and considered them placebos. But somehow, millions of people have found that homeopathy works for them. Placebo or not, truth diluted is still truth. And the truth is, my finger is getting better with Arnica montana.
For full article please visit :

https://thereader.com/heartland-healing ... E2%80%99t/

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